Creative Coding at YFPS

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Providing the children of Yealmpstone Farm with the tools to achieve success in the 21st century.


Number of students that will benefit: 200+

Age of students: 3 -11 

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 7%


About us

We are a one-form entry primary school in Plympton, Plymouth. As such, we serve the current Plympton community, in addition to families new to the surrounding area, who have moved into the emerging developments on the edge of Plymouth.

As a school, we have a strong family-centred ethos, where we embrace opportunities to link with and involve our local community.  We also look further than our immediate community, ensuring that our children develop an understanding of their roles within wider UK and global society.  Importantly, we nurture a love of learning and a curiosity for the wider world, which, in turn, promotes increased confidence and aspiration for our pupils and their families.

In this age of life-changing technological developments, we particularly want the children of YFPS to be equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience, especially in the realm of STEM innovation, needed prepare them -  the children of today - for the professions of tomorrow.

What do we want?

We would like to purchase a set of Sphero SPRK+ Education Pack x 12.

Spheros are programmable spherical robots, connected to a laptop or tablet via Bluetooth, and are capable of moving in differ directions, jumping, 'dancing',  changing colours, and running a wide range of user-generated programmes.  They are easy to access in that a user can control them with little instruction, however can ultimately follow increasingly-complex commands.  

Spheros are a fun and engaging way of demonstrating the practical application of computer programming and of providing opportunities for children to understand, generate, develop, trouble-shoot and appraise complex algorithms.

Who is this for?

These resources would allow all children to access programmable technology. Due to their many levels of operation, they can be made increasingly difficult to use, with suitable challenge offered to all children. We therefore anticipate that they will be of benefit for all children in our school.

Why do we want it?

At present, the majority of computer programming takes place in the 'virtual' environment created on laptops and tablets.  Whilst programs such a 'Scratch' provide excellent opportunities for children to understand how coding works, Spheros provide the added opportunity for practical application of skills.  As such, the learning experience becomes tangible and purposeful.  The use of Spheros also widens access for children who require the practical application of skills in order to fully understand the concept being taught.  

We should not forget the fact that Spheros are incredibly fun too - which can only enhance an interest and passion for learning in computing.


Full Sphero SPRK+ Education Pack x 12 @ £1,198.80 

Sub total = £1,198.80 (Inc VAT* & delivery) 

+3% payment processing fees (charged by the payment provider)

Grand Total = £1,235

stretch target

If we're fortunate enough to raise more than our target, we would like to buy accessories to complement the Sphero SPRK+


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