30 new HP notebooks for the school

A project by: Joanna Blaszczyk


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Number of students that will benefit: 201

Age of students: 3-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 32%


About us

Along with the other members of the Thameside Primary School Parent Teacher Association (PTA), we work to provide a rich, engaging and horizon-broadening learning experience for over 200 children in our primary school in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. It is easy to mistake the dreaming spires and soaring house prices of this county as a blanket statement of wealth and opportunity, but sadly we see on a day-to-day basis that this simply isn’t true for our community. Nearly a third of our children are eligible for free school meals – just one measure of the financial hardship that many of our families face. Like many other schools our school budget is already stretched to the limit.

We want our school to be a beacon of opportunity in our community, a beacon of belief in the children’s potential, and a conduit to engagement with the wider world and worlds beyond!

We would like to buy

30 x 11.6 " HP Ruggedised Notebooks, Convertible with Touchscreen to enhance the learning opportunities for the children in our community.

These would update our existing ICT resources.

Who is this for? 

Through the scope of the internet, we want to enable the children to explore new landscapes, to experience sights and sounds that can inspire their interest in new subjects and charge their creative powers. Using the wide range of available reading programmes, these laptops will support and extend children’s confidence with tackling texts to enable their discovery of facts and features for their current crazes, heroes and heroines to encounter, lands of limitless imagination to explore.

The laptops will support the outstanding effort of the teachers from Year 1- 6, providing interactive maths activities that teach and embed skills thorough interactive engagement. With these devices, the children will develop their coding skills on platforms such as Scratch, Sonic Pi and HTML5 – fostering their creativity allied to technical skills increasingly essential in this digital age. 

Why do we want it?

“I want to be a doctor, but I don’t think girls can be.”

Year 2 lesson looking at ourselves in the future. 

“Do we get to use them EVERY week?”

A very excited year 1 child being shown a phonics-development app on a similar device. 

“That looks epic. We could film our own films and make stop-play movies!” Year 5 student when shown own plan.

Using laptops to learn is very exciting! - Year 4 

“I think we need to learn more about programming and game design because that is how we can get jobs when we are older and I want to do that.” Year 6.

"I want to invent a flying car in the future, but I need to learn a lot first and that requires access to knowledge and technology" - Year 3 - saying about his plans for the future. 


30 x HP 116" Ruggedised notebooks - Convertible with touch screen -  £401.30 

Sub Total = £12,039,12  (incl VAT* & delivery)

 = £12,400

Following expert advice, we have costed the laptops at a total price of £12,400 including VAT and delivery.

(https://shop.rm.com/store/Product.aspx?cref=PD6338602&rguid=ffa66188-2436-4c3b-a141-e3c97a53df05 ) 

The school has already saved £5,000 plus extra £3000 through the efforts of the PTA. Therefore we are asking for help to raise the outstanding amount.

Grand total +3% payment processing fees (charged by the payment provider) = £4,400


If we're fortunate enough to raise more than our target, then we would also like to buy additional laptops or a storage trolley.


We are appealing for any contribution, of any scale, to help us raise the outstanding £4,400 and make these new and dynamic learning opportunities a reality for our children.

Please do donate, but if you can't donate right now you can help us in other ways! Share this project with anyone you think would support us. Share the link at the top of the page on Twitter, Facebook, email, your website, blog, mention us in a phone call or even just a chat over the fence! Please support us and help make a difference to our students.

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