Talk to write

A project by: Dimitri Bitsakaki

pledged of £930 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Sun 14 Jan 2018
Support children who can't write independently


Number of students that will benefit: 3

Age of students: 7

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 8.4%


Introduce your school

My name is Mr. Bitsakaki, (or Mr. B as the children call me). I am the Year 3 teacher at St. Bernadette's and my children love learning!

What do you want?

We want to buy 3 iPads.

Who is this for?

This is for the three children in Year 3 who struggle to write independently.

Why do you want it?

Some of our children know what they want to write, but can't get their ideas down on paper without adult support. By using an iPad, they could use apps that convert their voices into text. This would allow our children to then copy the text on the screen and share their amazing ideas in English and in other subjects where they are required to evidence their learning in a written format.


3x iPad 32GB - Gold @ £301.80

Sub total = £880.20

Delivery: £6

Credit card fees @ 2% = £18.23

Total = £929.63


We want every child to share their ideas and their learning independently. We want each child to become confident and to have high self-esteem and that begins with giving them the right tools to unlock their potential. Please help us to do this for the children in Year 3. Thank you.

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