Ripponden J&I's digital leaders of the future!

A project by: Lorraine Bamforth

pledged of £1,500 target

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Completion Date: Thu 29 Nov 2018
Allowing us to train our children to be the best and most responsible digital leaders

About Us

Number of students that will benefit: 220 plus others in cluster schools

Age of students: 7-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 8.1%


About us

We are an average-sized primary school, which is the heart of the community in a village called Ripponden, just outside Halifax in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. We are in a lovely area, with lovely children and lovely families, but we have low deprivation factor and low Pupil Premium allocation, meaning that we receive the very basic government funding. We do really well with what we have, but struggle with minimum funding and don't qualify for the majority of bids, as deprivation is such a factor for most.

We are so conscious of the world in which we are preparing our children for. The National Curriculum for computing really prepares the children for jobs of the future; we are aware that not all children will become computer programmers (hence the coding element of the curriculum) but we would like to commit to safeguarding our children and preparing them to be the best and most responsible digital leaders possible, in what is an uncertain world. 

What do we want?

We would like to train all of our Key Stage 2 children to become Digital Leaders in order to then roll this out to the rest of the school (the younger children) and then we will look to train other children in other schools within our cluster.

We are raising money for a 4-year subscription to Childnet Digital Leaders Programme; this will allow the programme to run the course of our Year 3 children as they finish primary school, at minimum.

Who is this for?

Initially we are looking to train our Key Stage 2 children. This will allow the children to have a real insight into the online 'world' in which the children will inevitably live in and feel prepared to understand how to keep themselves and others safe. The additional element to this is that it will then allow them to conduct peer-to-peer training in this vital and crucial topic to spread the word about online safety and how to keep others safe.

Why do we want it?

The virtual world is one in which we are preparing our children for. This is a fantastic world - one which will open up so many opportunities for them, lots of which we don't even know exist yet! While this is super, we are all too aware of the dangers of the online community and deal with issues surrounding social media on a weekly basis. We feel it is our duty to prepare the children in the best possible way to keep themselves safe online and then to become ambassadors for the rest of the school and indeed our cluster. What better way than to become Digital Leaders under a leading charity's banner, Childnet? 


A minimum of 4-year subscription to Childnet training to roll out across the whole school initially and then to peers within our cluster. The minimum we need to launch this would be £500 - this would be just for one year, but we would like to commit for at least 4 years, the length of time a child spends in Key Stage 2.

A 2-year subscription is £750, hence why we aim to raise £1,500. 


If we're fortunate enough to raise more than our target, then we would also like to buy additional iPads to support the online safety aspect of our aim. We find the iPad mini the right size for our children -  


Please help us reach our target. We don't benefit from additional funding and get very little additional and yet we have a duty to prepare and protect our children for the future. Please help us to ensure our children are safe and responsible for the future. 

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