Update and Upskill at Queensferry CP

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This project received pledges on Mon 15 Apr 2019
We are hoping to add new equipment to our IT range, there is just not enough equipment to go around


Number of students that will benefit: 178

Age of students: 3-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 58%


About us

We are a primary school in Flintshire, North East Wales and we pride ourselves on providing a welcoming, vibrant and inclusive environment where children have the freedom to flourish. We aim to nurture every pupil, celebrate their achievements big and small, and offer an engaging curriculum which embraces new initiatives and technology to help them develop a positive attitude towards learning and life.

What do you want?

We would like to buy at least 7 new Chromebooks. Anything more than 7 would be a bonus for us.

Who is this for?

This is for our whole school community.

Why do you want it?

We strongly feel that a set of Chromebooks will give this group of children the boost they need to further their horizons. The Chromebooks will allow them to get their amazing ideas from their minds down onto paper and will give them the confidence to express their thoughts. The Chromebooks will really give them the equity they need to boost their confidence and will help to engage and inspire them to a bright future.

Through an investment of Chromebooks we can continue our support of parents and families, by offering digi-skills coffee mornings to develop their opportunities and confidence.


ASUS Chromebook 11.6" 4GB RAM, 16GB Storage, Chrome OS  @ £246 per unit

Chrome Management Licence @ £22.80 per unit

Sub total = £268.80

Total = 7 x £268.80 = £1,876 


We truly will be grateful for any donations, this is a great opportunity to make a huge difference to a young person's learning journey. Any donations big or small will help us to reach our target goal.

Please do donate, but if you can't donate right now you can help us in other ways! Share this project with anyone you think would support us. Share the link at the top of the page on Twitter, Facebook, email, your website, blog, mention us in a phone call or even just a chat over the fence! Please support us and help make a difference to our students.

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