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Help us inspire the photographers and filmmakers of the future!

Key stats

Number of students that will benefit: 446 - Lots of different groups of children will be using the camera. It will be available to classes to use for special projects, as well as groups who support children with learning and behavioural difficulties and an after school club.

Age of students: 7-8

Students on Free School Meals: 11% of P4-7 (P1-3 receive free school meals)

My Project

About our school

Milton of Leys is one of the biggest schools in the Highlands of Scotland. We are passionate about encouraging children to learn in different contexts: we love to head outdoors to learn through nature, exploring the area around us, helping us develop our knowledge and social skills. We were also the first school in our region to attain our Digital Schools Award, meaning we have successfully integrated a variety of technologies into our daily teaching and learning across every stage.

We also encourage our children to get creative and get involved with all the exciting lessons, events and extra-curricular clubs that are available here at MoL.

What do you want?

We are hoping to buy 2 Nikon B700 cameras and all their essentials.

Who is this for?

The cameras will be used by a variety of children. They will be available to classes to use for special projects, as well as groups who support children with learning and behavioural difficulties and an after school club.

Why do you want it?

We have big ideas for these cameras! 

  • Camera club: During this after school club, the children will learn all about photography and editing. They will be able to take exciting pictures and edit them using specialist software on our Chromebooks. They will also be able to create short films and stop motion animation.
  • Outdoor learning: During outdoor learning sessions, classes or groups will be able to use the cameras to take nature shots or films to get to know the woodland and marshy areas around us up close and personally. These shots could include macros (up close, detailed shots) of our surroundings and all encompassing shots of what we are getting up to. There is also the opportunity for small groups to create films about their special projects to show the rest of their class or the whole school.

These cameras can give children the chance to learn new skills, get excited about a potential new hobby, discover a talent they never knew they had, become enthused about the outdoors or animation or even just have a great time getting snap-happy! With photography qualifications now being offered in some secondary schools, this is an unmissable chance for children to get started and develop solid grass roots that can propel them towards a potential career!

Equipment we need:

Total = £903.90

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