Ipads 4 GANF

A project by: Kris Mantle

pledged of £1,044 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Mon 25 Mar 2019
Raising funds to raise GANF's IT standards

Key stats

Number of students that will benefit: 214

Age of students: 4-19

Percentage eligible for free school meals:

Sandon: 29.5%

Ambergate: 41.3%


About us

Grantham Additional Needs Fellowship (GANF) comprises two Outstanding SEND schools, Ambergate Sports College and Sandon School.

Children with severe and profound disabilities, aged 4-19 attend Sandon School. Those with moderate learning disabilities and Autism, aged 4-16 attend Ambergate Sports College. Most pupils from Ambergate will attend sixth form at Sandon from 16.

Both schools strive to provide varied and engaging curriculu through the use of technology and community engagement. Sandon’s Sixth Form students run a committee café twice a week in the centre of Grantham. Ambergate’s pupils make use of technology to develop their German language skills as they communicate with children from their partnership school, KBZO in Weingarten, Germany.

What do we want?

iPads & iPadsPro.

Who is this for?

These iPads would be for use by the whole school across a range of subjects. Staff and pupils can access interactive apps to supplement their maths and science curriculum along with learning about e-safety. By introducing our pupils to a variety of technology and ensuring they are proficient in using it, we prepare them for life beyond the school gates.

Why do we want it?

iPads provide our pupils with an interactive environment to develop a deeper understanding of each subject. Our pupils use Microsoft PowerPoint throughout their time at school. They use PowerPoint to create presentations to show their knowledge of the topics they study. Throughout the year, our pupils deliver presentations to parents and carers to show their progress.

GANF’s younger pupils utilise BeeBots in class; these tiny robots provide them with an introduction to coding. The BeeBots can be easily incorporated across the curriculum, helping our pupils engage with Numeracy and Literacy. The interactive aspect and the instant response from this equipment helps to engage our pupils and keep them focused.

Where your money goes

1 x iPad @ £345

1 x iPadPro @ £699

Total = £1,044


If we're fortunate enough to raise more than our target, then we would also like to purchase an iPad Pro @ £699 and additional funding beyond this will be put towards purchasing further iPads.


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