Compton All Saints - IT Equipment

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WE RAISED £1,640

from 45 donors

This project received pledges on Mon 15 Apr 2019
New monitors for the school computers

Well done! Wow we have already reached our initial target!

We are now setting ourselves the challenge of reaching a new stretch target which will help us to afford new computers for the library!


Number of students that will benefit: 

The whole school will benefit! There are currently 114 children on roll but then all the new pupils joining in September 2019 and in subsequent years will also be using them every day.

If we kept the new monitors for five years with 17 new children joining each year then that would be at least 200 children who would benefit.

The likelihood is that we will keep them for much longer than that. We've had the current ones for over 10 years! 

Age of students: 4 - 11 (across four mixed-year classes)

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 1.75%


About us

We are a happy and caring small village school, fostering a love of life and learning with all of our children. We are extremely proud of our lively, bright, engaged and socially aware pupils and want to provide them with the best tools possible to help them continue along this path.

What do we want?

The school is currently having to undertake an essential major IT upgrade including the replacement of its old and out of date hardware such as computers and monitor screens.

We want to raise £784 to provide 8 new widescreen monitors for the children's computers.

Who is this for?

All of the children use the computers every day as part of school life.

Why do we want it?

By using technology in the classroom students can develop the skills needed for the 21st Century living.

It is now a fundamental part of school life for all of our children, so the equipment that is used needs to be up to the job. 

It supports teaching and learning at all stages of education and across all areas of the curriculum.

We live in a world fuelled by technology and ICT can also help to improve achievement levels, inspire creative thinking and encourage the development of skills that will prove invaluable in the real world. 

Also, we cannot assume that all children have access to computers at home, so for these children it is even more important that they can use up-to-date equipment at school to keep up with their peers and not be at a disadvantage.

The current school hardware is over 10 years old, and will not support the essential Windows upgrade that is taking place. The children are therefore missing out and will continue to fall behind the technological world that we are all a part of.

Where your money goes

8 x Widescreen monitors @ £98 each

Total = £784


If we're fortunate enough to raise more than our target, then we would like to replace all of the computers in the school library, which would cost £1,432.


As a small school seriously affected by Government funding cuts, it is getting harder and harder to provide the level of resource and support that our children require to keep up with new technology and a constantly changing curriculum.

Many parents and carers want to help support school fundraising efforts but cannot always attend events. This is a way for you to contribute and help make a difference to the level of basic resource and provision at Compton All Saints.

Let's not miss out!

Please do donate, and if you can't donate right now then you can help us in other ways! You can share our page on Facebook, Twitter or email.

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