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A project by: Bullers Wood for Girls Maths and Friends of Bullers Wood


WE RAISED £8,253

from 287 donors

This project received pledges on Wed 27 Mar 2019
Promethean White Boards - to help our maths department deliver the best teaching to all students

Latest update! We've now reached our initial target - thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

We have raised enough money for one Interactive White Board (£2,500) so we will keep going and aim to raise funds to equip more maths classrooms with the boards.

there are 10 classrooms and we’re now aiming to equip half of them with the boards!

Thanks again everyone for your support!


Number of students that will benefit: 1,560

Age of students: 11-18

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 6.3%


About us

Bullers Wood for Girls is a very successful, non-selective, girls secondary school in Chislehurst. Our students and staff are highly motivated and love learning and teaching. Unfortunately, we are facing a time of acute financial pressure so need your help to develop our resources for teaching and learning!

What do we want to fund?

The current smart boards in the maths classrooms are completely out of date, unreliable and at the end of their life. We want to buy Promethean interactive whiteboards for our our maths classrooms.

We are hoping to buy two smart boards as an initial target. However, there are 10 maths classrooms so the more money we raise, the more classrooms we can kit out with white boards. 

Who is this for?

All students at Bullers Wood for Girls study Maths up to age 16 and a substantial number continue to study the subject at A Level. Every week our talented and hardworking team of 13 maths teachers teach for 300 hours in our Maths classrooms, working with almost 1,300 young people. 

Why would Promethean white boards make a difference in the classroom?

Promethean’s industry-leading interactive whiteboards transform the classroom experience by providing brilliant display technology combined with next-generation lesson delivery software – all designed specifically for the classroom. A whiteboard that Maths teachers can interactively work through maths problems on a screen, provides clear visuals such as straight graph axis to write on enables teachers to save and send the work done on the board in class to students. The interactive nature of the board allows students to work directly on the visuals and develop their own modelling skills.

Using a Promethean board gives the teacher the opportunity to create a bespoke flipchart taking into consideration the needs of the individuals within a particular learning group. As ideas develop and mathematical threads are woven together in a particular lesson, a unique record is made. This flipchart can be made available to the students so they can consider the new things they have learnt in their own time and at their own pace. It would also be available to students who missed a lesson through illness or music lessons.

These interactive boards are already used as standard in the vast majority of other secondary schools in the area and nationally so their absence is particularly felt by maths teachers who have joined Bullers Wood for Girls from other schools, both because they know what the pupils are missing out on and because they are not able to deliver the same teaching experience to pupils.

They are certainly fitted as standard within the new schools that have opened in the Bromley area.

Promethean whiteboards in the classroom would have the following benefits:

  • Significantly improve the teaching experience for students making complex topics easier to grasp.
  • Make lesson preparations and explanations much easier for teachers.
  • Enable the teaching steps to be captured and recorded, allowing students to have access to it in their independent learning time.
  • Engage the students with appropriate animations that explain mathematical ideas or enhance thinking skills.
  • Help students to use any diagrams they are given by clearly showing them how to annotate with important information such as finding missing angles.
  • The boards allow for zooming in to particular detail within a question so the students can clearly see the part of the question that is the focus of a particular learning point.
  • As a flipchart is prepared, answers to questions can be clearly projected giving worked solutions, highlighting misconceptions and common pitfalls.
  • The interactive nature of the board allows for students to lead parts of the lesson and give their feedback to the whole class.

How will this benefit students?

  • Good maths skills are fundamental to learning, not just in the Maths classroom. By facilitating this improvement in the maths classrooms we will have an impact across the school curriculum and in the students’ lives.
  • Promethean interactive boards will help build conversation in our classrooms about the detail of calculations, supporting all students in seeing maths as a living process they can get involved in.
  • They will build student engagement in the classroom.
  • They will reduce the need for photocopying – doing our bit to save the environment and our planet!
  • Students will be able to clearly see how geometrical instruments such as protractors and compasses should be used usefully and accurately.


Each board costs £2,500 and we are hoping to raise funding for at least two. The price of the boards includes the full software license and installation, so there will be no further costs. We will of course shop around to get the best price possible for the boards.

Details of the boards can be found at this link: https://www.prometheanworld.com/gb/products/interactive-displays/activpanel-i-series/

Total = £2,500


Now that we've been fortunate enough to raise more than our target, then we will buy interactive Promethean white boards for as many maths classrooms as possible (there are 10 so it would be fantastic if we could bring all of them up to date through the support of parents and carers). 


Please do donate what you can - everything brings us closer to buying another board! Your help will have a huge impact on all the pupils in the school every day for many years.

Please also share this project with anyone you think would support us. 

In the event that the target is not met, FoBW intends to top up the funds received to ensure that the maths department receives a much-needed white board however clearly it would be preferable if funds could be raised via this crowdfunding in order to leave funds for other requests received from staff during the year. 

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