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Whitefield Reader Life Achiever, reading at home and in school

Number of students that will benefit: 150

Age of students: 3-7

Whitefield seeks to overcome the challenges of being in one of the 1% most deprived wards (Everton) in the country 


“We value each child for who they are and prepare them for who they can be.” 

Whitefield Primary School, based in Liverpool 

At Whitefield we believe that one of the most important things a school can do for its pupils is to teach them to read and write well. We believe that to make this happen we have to start early to make sure that all young children get a good grounding in literacy in their early years of nursery and school.

Research shows that the quality of the early Home Learning Environment is more important for intellectual and social development than parental occupation, education or income. We know that the one of the huge things parents and carers do which make a positive difference is sharing stories and reading with their child.  What adults do with their children (both at home and by sending them to pre-school) is more important than their social class, educational background or where they live.

What do we want?

We want to work with our parents to help them to share more stories and support their child to practice their reading at home. This means buying additional home reading books and story books we can send home and also running workshops showing parents how to read and talk about books with their children effectively.

Who is this for?

Our children in Early Years and Key Stage 1

Why do we want it?

We want parents and carers to be more involved in their children's learning, and to share wonderful stories with them. 

How will we use the funds?

We will use £1000 to buy 250 high quality texts to send home alongside 100 high quality picture books for parents and carers to share at home 

We will use £500 to set up and run parent and children reading groups over the next 12 months.

+ 3% payment processing fee

Grand total = £1545.00


If we're fortunate enough to raise more than our target, then we would like to invite storytellers and authors to inspire our families


Please do donate, but if you can't donate right now you can help us in other ways!

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