St Fidelis ChromeBooks

A project by: Ben Kennor

pledged of £1,640 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Fri 18 Jan 2019
Creating more interactive lessons with more children having access to technology.


Number of students that will benefit: 240

Age of students: 7-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 18%


About us

St Fidelis is a popular, oversubscribed primary school in the London borough of Bexley. St Fidelis is built around our mission of compassion, challenge and excellence. We believe that our children are special and that this comes from the way we work in partnership - parents, parish and school - to achieve our joint mission to bring our children to Christ through education.

What do we want?

We want to buy some Chromebooks to allow our children to work collaboratively in lessons and to interact with their teachers during the input. We have already seen what a difference to learning Chromebooks can make and would love to allow more children to have regular access to this technology. 

Who is this for?

This project will benefit all of the children in KS2, approximately 240 children.  

Why do we want it?

The G-Suite for education has a number of tools which allow our children to produce high-quality writing in their English, Science and Religion lessons as well as producing a range of content in all subjects. The tools included allow children to create apps and presentations as well as work collaboratively with their peers in and outside of class. The Chromebooks will allow children to share their understanding of their learning with their teacher in the lesson and will allow the teacher to give immediate feedback and differentiate the learning for the students.


8 x LENOVO 300E CHROMEBOOK, 11.6" FLIP DESIGN MT8173C @ £205 each + VAT

Total = £1,968 (incl VAT & delivery)


If we're fortunate enough to raise more than our target, then we would also like to buy more Chromebooks at £205 each + VAT to put as many devices into the hands of our children as is possible.


Please do donate, but if you can't donate right now you can help us in other ways! Share this project with anyone you think would support us. Share the link at the top of the page on Twitter, Facebook, email, your website, blog, mention us in a phone call or even just a chat over the fence! Please support us and help make a difference to our students.

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