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John Fielding School's iPad

A project by: Kris Mantle


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This project received pledges on Tue 26 Mar 2019
Communication and inclusion through iPads

Well done! We have now reached our initial target and have added a stretch target of £1,750 ! Please help us reach our new target. see details below.

Key stats

Number of students who will benefit: 57

Age of students: 2-19

Percentage of students eligible to free school meals: 39.1%


About us

The John Fielding Special School is a “Good” Ofsted rated school for children with severe and profound disabilities. Located in Boston, Lincolnshire, the school serves children in the area aged 2 to 19 years old. John Fielding continues to deliver high standards despite being in an area of high deprivation. In recent weeks the school achieved their second consecutive “Good” Ofsted rating.

John Fielding School provides an engaging curriculum using technology and community engagement. Our pupils regularly attend the Holy Trinity Church’s café. Some of our older pupils volunteer at the café, preparing and serving refreshments to customers.

Technology is paramount for most of our pupils; without it, they would find it difficult to communicate. Further IT equipment at the school will mean we can provide our pupils with more opportunities to practice communication. It will also mean we can offer interactive education in line with individual needs.

What do we want?


Who is this for?

These iPads will be for use by all our pupils. Pupils with complex communication needs will use them to talk with their peers and share their needs and wants with family and Teachers. The iPads will also provide our pupils with an interactive environment in which to learn. The flexibility of this technology allows our children to learn about cause and effect or offer our more able pupils an interactive view of the universe, ocean or the world.

Why do we want it?

Our pupils’ unique needs require specialist equipment which is often expensive and individual in its function. With the iPads, we can meet a variety of needs using one iPad and an assortment of software. Using this equipment as a communication tool, we literally give our children a voice. In being able to express their needs and concerns children are less likely to exhibit challenging behaviour as staff and carers react to issues before they become a more significant problem.

Our pupils’ disabilities make it difficult to take them on field trips. With limited resources in the local area, there are few venues our pupils would benefit from visiting. While we do not want to stop taking our children on excursions, the iPads offer a viable alternative which allows our pupils to enjoy experiences otherwise not possible for them.


3 x iPads @ £345 each

Total = £1,035 (incl. VAT)


Any additional funding will be put towards purchasing more iPads.


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