Fairlawn Year 6 Hackathon

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Inspiring our future leaders with a full day of intergalactic battle!


Number of students that will benefit: 60+

Age of students: 10-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 3.2%


About us

Fairlawn Primary School is a highly successful and happy school in Forest Hill, SE London. We have 470 students between ages 4 and 11. Last year, we ran our first Hackathon - a whole day coding and making event for all our Year 6 students. This day was parent-initiated and funded and was hugely successful - a day of excitement, competition and hands-on learning!

What do we want?

This year we know what we need!  

  • Tech kit: microbits, microbit cases, crocodile clips, small speakers, LED strips, amp cables
  • Making kit: washi tape, duct tape, foam, string, stickers, tubing, basketball hoop

All tech and making materials will be used for the hackathon and then provided to the school for continued learning.

Who is this for?

The day aligns with the Year 6 WWII topic and features our two Year 6 classes led by Mr Aldridge and Mr Kirner transform into two warring intergalactic species - The Aldridians and The Kirnairians - engaged in a planetary battle. The only way to victory is to progress through increasingly complex challenges in six groups: 

  • code breaking: decode cipers and set off a bomb that stops progression on other planet
  • musical instruments: keep morale up, culminates in performance of your planet's anthem
  • light sabers: code and create in prep for interplanetary battle
  • tanks: construct a carrier and code to rescue casualties from across the galaxy
  • games: Intergalactic Kessel Run and The Hoop Awakens - war games to challenge enemies
  • news: document planet activity and produce propaganda for enemies
  • alien A/V: an interactive alien video wall 

The day culminates in a KS2 assembly where each planet showcases their progress and final battles take place before a winner is announced.

Why do we want it?

In six years' time when our Year 6 children enter the workforce there is a 65% chance that the work they will do hasn't been invented yet.

Studies show that children who have at least three positive experiences with technology learning are more likely to consider a career in technology.

The Hackathon is a mechanism to help teach our children to become creative thinkers, risk takers, doers, makers of things. 

It is an opportunity to bring our parent community expertise into the classroom to support learning.


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