Pi's Pi's and more Pi's please!

A project by: Denise Bull

pledged of £1,057 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Wed 18 Jul 2018
Can you help the programmers and inventors of tomorrow?


Number of students that will benefit: 500+

Age of students: KS3+

% eligible for free school meals: 13%


What do we want?

Raspberry Pi's & Sensor kits

Who is this for?

This is for our whole school to use in IT, and can be used for other subjects too.

Why do we want it?

There is a skills gap in the UK for STEM skills and technology skills. We're trying to encourage kids to engage in tech and to learn even the basic skills that are now required for the modern jobs market. We know that sitting in a classroom and copying out code and making things appear on screen can be quite dry, so we take the approach of tinkering and making to inspire the urge to learn about programming and electronics. We would like to teach programming using a variety of devices from the Raspberry Pi to the BBC Microbit, using fun projects and things that kid can physically see working to help them feel that they are actually learning something.

By raising money, we will be able to get enough equipment to teach more kids how to program in new and exciting ways.


Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Essentials Kit 15 @ £58.00 = £870

HDMI to DVI Adaptor 15 @ £2.50 = £37.50

1.8M HDMI Cable for the Raspberry Pi 15 @ £2.00 = £30

CamJam EduKit #2 - Sensors - 15 x £8.00 = £120.00

Grand Total = £1057.50 GBP (incl. VAT & Delivery)


Rocket Fund is a pilot project by Nesta. Nesta is a registered charity in England and Wales 1144091 and Scotland SC042833