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Rocket Fund is a crowdfunding platform for schools.
So far we have helped over 482 schools raise over £395,000.
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What we do

Rocket Fund modernises school fundraising, empowering schools to raise money from businesses and their community more efficiently. We provide support through the whole process, from pitch creation, to fundraising, to sourcing the best suppliers for schools to buy from when they hit their target.

The benefits

  • It's free, quick and easy to use
  • It's far more efficient than a bake sale! (Although we love cake, so keep doing those too!)
  • We sometimes have match funding available! (see our homepage for latest offers)

How it works

School Map

Here is a map of all schools who have launched fundraising projects on Rocket Fund so far. Zoom in to find a school near you...

How it works for schools

  1. You create a pitch describing what you want to buy
  2. You share it with your contacts and community
  3. People donate from anywhere in the world!
  4. You hit your target (woohoo!) and receive the donations to your school / PTA bank account
  5. You send thanks to donors and review the products to help other teachers in the future

Donna's Story

Here's a short video about Donna's Rocket Fund experience.

Mr Lewis' story

Here is a short video about Mr. Lewis's fundraising experience and the impact it had on his school.

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How it works for Donors

  1. You find a project you want to support: Find a project that inspires you and give as little as £1.
  2. School's purchase the items: When a project is funded, we send the money directly to the school so they can buy what they wanted.
  3. Teachers thank you: Teachers & students send you thanks and an update on the impact you've had.

To ensure integrity, we're there through every step of the process. We review all projects before they are published and only allow verified schools to use the platform.


"Rocket Fund was a great way to engage the parents and local community in raising funds for a tech project I was passionate about. We met our target really quickly. I'd definitely do it again!"
- Ms. Galilee, Pearl Hyde Community Primary School

"A very clever, easy tool to to use. I never thought we could raise this much money!"
- Ms. Yau, Grappenhall Heys Primary School

"An amazingly simple way to fund new equipment for schools."
- Ms. Brown, Ladysmith Infant and Nursery School

"I recommend Rocket Fund to anybody looking to bring a new dimension to fundraising in their school. Their support was invaluable and I can't believe how quickly we managed to reach our goal!"
- Ms. Williams, Cornist Park Primary School

"Rocket Fund was a great way to involve parents in raising much needed money for Computing resources."
- Ms. Willemse, Great Chart School

"It is an absolutely brilliant way to raise money for equipment that will make an invaluable contribution to your children's education!"
- Ms. Whelan, Ardleigh Green Junior School

"Easy to use, easy to work with and fabulous results. I have recommended to many of my friends and colleagues at other schools."
- Ms. Read, Waterfoot Primary School

"Fab idea that allowed us to get some much needed tech into school at no cost to ourselves. Had improved engagement and outcomes for children and also acted as a great way to engage parents in the campaign."
- Ms. Stawman, Courtwood School

"Easy and intuitive to use. The team behind Rocket Fund were excellent with communication and help, if needed. It's a great platform for schools to engage their local community and raise funds to buy products that they may not be able to otherwise."
- Mr. Ferry, St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School

"Such an easy way for our small village school to raise much needed funds for technology resources. Nothing can be simpler than sharing via social media, and donating at the click of a button."
- Ms. N, Innellan Primary School

"Rocket Fund was a great experience from the very start for me and the children in the class. Staff at Rocket Fund were helpful and encouraging, offering advice and ideas to improve our application. It is something I would do again as we now have technology that otherwise we wouldn't have!"
- Ms. Anderson, Dunblane Primary School

"The team at Rocket Fund are by your side throughout the process of application and fundraising. I felt very much supported by the ease and clarity with which my questions were answered and the great dashboard that is created to support your scheme. The spheros are such an important part of the coding experience but we would never have been able to buy any of our own without Rocket Fund. Great work, guys!"
- Ms. Seddon, Prescot Primary School

Who we are

Rocket Fund has been created by Nesta, the innovation foundation. We back new ideas to tackle the big challenges of our time. We are a UK charity but work all over the world.

Our Mission

To to give every child access to the best opportunities at school.

The Team

Ben Gill - Launch Pilot: Steering the ship towards the stars
Huma Haque - Operations Commander: Supporting schools through the process
Karmel Edmonds - Communications Commander: Creating & sharing stories from the frontline
Nathan Elstub - Programme Commander: Making sure we stay on the right flight path
Will Connolly - Partnerships Commander: Building relationships to help schools fly

Our Advisors

Andrea Carr - Founder of Rising Stars
Andy Kaplan - Former CFO of Donors Choose & Audible
Oliver Beach - Former teacher & documentary star
Piers Linney - Serial entrepreneur and former BBC Dragons’ Den investor
Steve Green - Former VP Product at Funding Circle

Supported by

BEIS - Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, kindly supported the experimental development phase of this project
Donors Choose - Original inspiration for this project, have been incredibly open and helpful
EdSpace - A great community of education focused entrepreneurs, that have supported us throughout
NFER - National Foundation for Educational Research, kindly seed funded this project

Rocket Fund is a pilot project by Nesta. Nesta is a registered charity in England and Wales 1144091 and Scotland SC042833